21 Wendy Powell – Internationally Known and Certified Postpartum Exercise Specialist, Award Winning Entrepreneur, and Founder and CEO of MUTU

Wendy Powell has followed a successful media and advertising career as founder and CEO of MUTU.

After realizing that there wasn’t enough support for pregnant and postpartum women in the fitness industry, Wendy trained as a personal trainer and maintained the belief that there was a better way to help moms with postpartum body issues.

On today’s show, Wendy shares the passion behind her work, amazing tips as an entrepreneur, and much much more.

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“The aesthetics, if that’s a goal then that is fine and that is definitely a bi-product, but we start with function, ability, and confidence.” – Wendy Powell

Show Notes:

  • Why the aesthetic standards for women are too high
  • How finding a solution to a basic problem can lead to entrepreneurial success
  • What postpartum medical recommendations are good
  • Why working remotely can be great for your business
  • Hiring tips
  • How do you protect your brand

“To me there is no benefit to micromanaging someone who is better at something than I am.” – Wendy Powell

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“The one area that I really felt women weren’t being served in was these insane expectations that are put on women after they have babies – or really any time to be honest.” – Wendy Powell

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