24 Kelsey Ramsden – How to Get to the Top and Stay There

My guest today, Kelsey Ramsden, is a mother, speaker, author, and co-CEO. She has won numerous awards for starting and scaling multi-million dollar businesses including “Top Female Entrepreneur in Canada”.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Kelsey had to make a serious pivot at the top of her game.

She joins me on the show today to talk about scaling businesses, her cancer, and her latest book. Kelsey shares amazing entrepreneurial advice, personal advice, techniques, and more. You’ll love it!

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“I came to the realization that money is freedom units. So what can I do if I’m free from the construct of having to pay my mortgage?” – Kelsey Ramsden

Show Notes:

  • How to get people to finance you when you’re young
  • What is it that you’re building
  • Why are you making money
  • What Kelsey did professionally when she was faced with cancer
  • How to build and scale your business
  • How do you get to the top and stay there

“Starting and scaling businesses is very interesting because they become like our children and then we have to recognize that at some point we send them off to college and they’ve outgrown us.” – Kelsey Ramsden

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“There are ways to ease your way out where you don’t give up 100% straight out of the gate.” – Kelsey Ramsden

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