23 Kelly Roach – Building a Profitable Business From the Ground Up

Kelly Roach, CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching, joins me on today’s show to talk about building a successful and profitable business.

As a former NFL cheerleader and Fortune 500 executive, Kelly brings proven and profitable business growth strategies to her clients to help create a life that they love. In addition to being the CEO and founder of her company, Kelly is also an international bestselling author and the host of Unstoppable Success Radio podcast.

Listen in to today’s show as Kelly gives amazing and practical business-building and profit-making strategies that you’ll love.

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“There is no excuse for any of us to not be out there serving and sharing our gifts and making a difference for people, which will come back to us tenfold in income and results.” – Kelly Roach

Show Notes:

  • How to build a successful small business
  • Why a small business can be more profitable than a large business
  • How to work with your spouse to have a successful business
  • Why starting your business on the side can be a tremendous asset
  • How to create a strong business model
  • Why having people in core roles increases business success
  • Where you should invest in growing your business
  • Why building a team of experts is important

“To build a healthy business, you need to be able to afford to reinvest 100% of the profits in the business for at least the first two years.” – Kelly Roach

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“Your company’s ability to grow is reliant on your investment in the growth of your people” – Kelly Roach

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