26 Jason Treu – How Developing Relationships and Psychological Safety on Your Team Leads to Success

What if your team actually has way more potential than you ever realized? My guest today, Jason Treu, joins us to talk about how to create business relationships that tap into a new level of success for your business.

Author of the bestselling book Social Wealth, Jason is a renowned speaker, author, and executive coach who works with executives, rising stars, and entrepreneurs.

You’ll love today’s information packed show as Jason tells us about how to build great relationships, how to create trust, how to bring people together and create a high performing team.


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“The reality is that you can build a very good relationship with someone the first time that you meet them. It doesn’t take ten times.” – Jason Treu

Show Notes:

  • How to build great relationships
  • Where to go to build a bigger network
  • How you can create trust quickly
  • The difference between giving, matching, and taking
  • Why self-awareness is necessary for success
  • How gender plays a role in success
  • What is psychological safety
  • How to build a high performing team
  • Why you need to know people on a deeply personal level

“You have to understand how to interact with people and do it in a way that is caring and not sales-y and not trying to get something.” – Jason Treu

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“You take an average performer and you put them on a really good team, they will sky-rocket performance.” – Jason Treu

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