16 Heather Simpson – Moving Up After Hitting Rock Bottom and Working on a Team of Five Men as the CEO of Bellwether Real Estate

Four years ago, Heather Simpson lived in an apartment as a single mom with three young kids. She was experiencing tremendous hardship when one day, Heather realized that she had hit rock bottom.

By choosing to make a different life for herself, Heather started to experience new opportunities. She came together with four other men in the real estate industry to create Bellwether Real Estate. Now, Heather is the CEO of Bellwether Real Estate and a thought leader, real estate trainer, and coach.

After helping open up the doors to the company in 2015, Heather has lead the company through tremendous growth. In addition to the real estate company, Heather is passionate about putting on an event for women in her area in spring 2018 called She Leads Me.

On today’s show, Heather talks about what it is like to work on a team with five men, how she has helped her company grow so quickly, and what she did to choose a better life for herself.

This is a very informative and inspirational episode, and I think that you’ll love today’s show.

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“It really starts with aligning who we are and what kind of company we want to be and what type of people we want to attract. Who are we for and who are we not for?” – Heather Simpson

Show Notes:

  • What’s it like to be the CEO of a company where you are working with mostly men
  • How can intentions help change your life course
  • What type of people do you want to attract to your company
  • How understanding your place in the market can help you grow
  • Why is it challenging for women to move into leadership positions
  • What are non-monetary gifts
  • How can you keep yourself from feeling burnout

“Being able to shed the past life/past experiences and being able to just live from more of a place of appreciation (and understand the things that were important to me), absolutely changed my perspective.” – Heather Simpson

Links Mentioned:

  • Learn more about She Leads Me
  • Connect with Heather Simpson:

Facebook  | LinkedIn | BellwetherRealEstate

“I have for some time felt very called to work with women, and work with women from the place of stepping into leadership in their lives.” – Heather Simpson

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