36 Ten Minutes to Action – Money Mindset

About 90% of the population doesn’t feel like they have enough money.

So on today’s show, I talk about how you talk to YOURSELF about your money. It is so easy for people to default to negative thoughts or concerns about money, and there are all kinds of studies that tell us about how mindset can truly influence your income.

Tune in to learn more about your money mindset and how to use it to solve your problems on today’s show.

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“When you talk to yourself about anything, whether it is good or bad, then your brain kinda re-maps itself and you focus more on those things.” – Holly Signorelli

Show Notes:

  • How to save money
  • What type of people have cash flow problems
  • How to change your mindset about money
  • What is future tripping
  • How to correct cash flow issues
  • What you can do to instantly solve problems

“You can’t be creative when you’re stressed.” – Holly Signorelli

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