30 Ten Minutes to Action – The 411 on Starting a Partnership

Maybe you’ve dreamed of partnering in business with a family member or your best friend. We’ve all heard that partnerships can be complicated, but on today’s show, I’ll explain them in an easy and comprehensible way.

If you have an S Corp, you can have a partner. But when people do a partnership they don’t have the same benefit that they would if they did an S Corp on its own.

I typically set up partnerships for my clients that do real estate investing. Real estate is super hot right now, and there are all kinds of ways to make money with real estate.

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“I typically set up partnerships for my clients that do real estate investing.” – Holly Signorelli

Show Notes:

  • How to have a partner in your S Corp
  • When you should form a Partnership
  • Do you have to have a partner to have a partnership?
  • Why Partnerships are helpful for real estate investments
  • The importance of working with a CPA if you are a real estate investor
  • Why you should be aware of the type of CPA you are working with
  • What you should talk about with your partner before forming a partnership
  • Why setting up individual S Corps is important
  • What is a conduit

“If you’re going to do a partnership, whether it is real estate or anything else, I want you and your partner to actually look at each other in the eye and say what your roles are.” – Holly Signorelli

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