29 Ten Minutes to Action – The Easy Process of Creating an S Corp LLC

This is the second part of my “Ten Minutes to Action” series.

Today we are going to go a bit deeper, especially into S Corps, because it is the best way to save on taxes legally and legitimately.

S Corps are a type of LLC. On today’s show, I’ll fill you in on the easy step-by-step process of becoming an S Corp so you can save the most money as an LLC.

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“Having an S Corp is really really easy. Getting it setup is really really easy. And going to the bank is really really easy. So don’t be afraid to make those steps. It is going to save you a lot of money.” – Holly Signorelli

Show Notes:

  • Why you shouldn’t fill out the LLC forms unless you’re very confident
  • Where can you can an EIN number
  • What an EIN number is
  • What a 2553 form does
  • Why you should keep your S Corp and your personal separate
  • Why you should look at your profits each quarter

“Make sure that you do not intermingle your S Corp with your personal.” – Holly Signorelli

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