10 Susan Fletcher – The Emotions Behind Business

I think that you’re going to love today’s show with Dr. Susan Fletcher! Dr. Fletcher is an accomplished licensed psychologist, and she is the author of several publications including the book Working in the Smart Zone.

Today, Dr. Fletcher offers incredible insights and solutions to the challenging emotions that we confront in our businesses.

Especially as women, I think that it is extremely important to be aware of the emotional distress behind business and money. Before we can move on to making more money and having more happiness, we need to understand the emotions that are holding us back.

I think you’ll find this episode motivating, inspiring, and extremely helpful!

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“Purposely decide and make a conscious decision not to be afraid. Because fear builds.” – Susan Fletcher

Show Notes:

  • What keeps us from success
  • Why emotions are an important part of success
  • What advantages do men have
  • Why it is hard to fire people
  • Finding what holds you back
  • How to know if you make decisions out of fear
  • Are your actions in alignment with your goals?
  • How to use social media for your business
  • Why being vulnerable can help your business
  • How failure can help you later on in life
  • What are feminine and masculine energies
  • How can women feel more competent
  • What messages should you give yourself

“You can have boundaries that are better if you know what your purpose is, you know what your business plan is, and you know where you’re going. Then you’re going to make decisions based on that vision.” – Susan Fletcher

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“It’s not about leaving people in the dust. But it is about recognizing that the first box that you go through in the filter as you make decisions, shouldn’t always be based on your relationship.” – Susan Fletcher

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