11 Lisa Feldman Barrett- The Scientific Study of Emotions

I’m so excited to introduce Lisa Feldman Barrett on the show today!

Lisa is a neuroscientist, psychologist, and author who studies emotions. She is the author of several books including the groundbreaking book, How Emotions Are Made.

You’ll find this episode unique as Lisa teaches us about how the brain works and how it creates emotions.

Lisa also addresses the emotions around money and how our brain reacts to money and finances. It is incredibly interesting.

I think you’ll love the show!

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Your brain is wired not to react, but to predict. So even though it feels to you as if you’re listening to me speak and reacting to my words, in fact your brain is predicting every single word that comes out of my mouth.” – Lisa Feldman Barrett

Show Notes:

  • What is the difference between anxiety and depression
  • How to read facial expressions
  • What are constructed emotions
  • How does the brain work
  • How our brain internalizes financial situations
  • What is brain simulation
  • Why is it hard to truly imagine the future
  • Which part of the brain makes predictions
  • Why don’t people take climate change seriously
  • How does instant gratification influence our relationship with money
  • Why it is important to understand how the brain works

“Eventually what children learn to do, is their brains are luring to make the emotions that are relevant to their cultural context.” – Lisa Feldman Barrett

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