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Corporate & CPA Services

Holly Signorelli is the authority of high end CPA and Wealth Strategy for doctors, real estate Investors, high end consultants, staffing companies, writers and more.

Holly only takes on a minimal amount of clients, because she is licensed to handle every part of their finances. Holly works best with clients under 10MM of sales, usually Scorps and Partnerships, and most of her clients have multiple entities.

Through her boutique CPA firm she provides full CPA services for her client. Much of the time, Holly is acting as a CFO for businesses that need that expertise, but do not need a full time employee for that role. These Corporate Makeovers help struggling or stuck companies use communication, employee engagement and deep understanding of their return on investment to generate the most net profit and navigate their budget with their goals in mind.

If you are interested in working with Holly, schedule a free 15 minute call to see if it’s the best match for you.


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“I’m sure I would be behind bars or broke if it weren’t for Holly. Just kidding! But seriously, she keeps me up to date and now when April comes around… I plant flowers instead of freaking out!”

LeeAnne Locken, TV Host, Actress, Author, Real Housewives of Dallas

“The course of a man’s professional life and secure future weighs on a mans thinking. Health and financial security is what we all stride toward. Without a pro handling your financial future and offering guidance, mistakes will be made. Avoid the missteps and and get connected with Holly.”

Dr. Francis Xavier Murphy, DCC, Global Speaker, Creator of the frozen shoulder adjustment

“Holly is the most personal CPA I’ve ever known. She is really in touch with her clients and very efficient with tax planning as well as helping me make important decision about my business. I’m so grateful to have her on my side.”

Susan Toliver, Owner of Positive Indulgence