12 Belinda Rosenblum – The Skill of Owning Your Money

My guest today is Belinda Rosenblum, CPA!

Belinda is a money and wealth expert who focuses on taking the worry and fear out of money. She is the President and founder of OwnYourMoney.com and the creator of the Money Makers Academy. Belinda is also a co-author of the book Self Worth to Net Worth.

Today, Belinda gives great concrete tips and ideas about how to better manage your money and reclaim your financial power.

We had such a great time on the show today, and I think you’ll love listening in!

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“People believe this lie that basically says that they have a motivation problem; that they’re not motivated enough and that’s why they’re not looking at their money.” – Belinda Rosenblum

Show Notes:

  • What is our in-action factor
  • Why do we avoid dealing with money
  • How much are you not earning
  • Where to cut down expenses
  • How to better manage your money
  • What is financial power
  • How to make dealing with money less stressful
  • Why we should be more educated about money
  • What financial education is available

“How much are you basically not earning because you’re not owning your money? You’re not in action in the way that you could be.” – Belinda Rosenblum

Skills to Money Management:

  1. Mindset and Earnings
  2. Tracking and Spending
  3. Credit and Debt
  4. Saving and Investing

Links Mentioned:

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“We just never learned the skills. It’s not like we come out of the womb understanding how to be with money.” – Belinda Rosenblum

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