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I am super excited to introduce Barbara Stanny on today’s show!

Barbara Stanny is on a mission to motivate women to become financially empowered. She is the author of multiple books including Prince Charming Isn’t Coming, Secrets of Six- Figure Women and Overcoming Underearning. Her latest book is called Sacred Success.

We talk about the practical, psychological, and spiritual work of wealth in this episode. I think you’ll love Barbara’s energy and perspective.

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“My definition of a powerful woman is someone who knows who she is, who knows what she wants and expresses that in the world unapologetically.” – Barbara Stanny

Show Notes:

  • When do women get serious about managing money
  • Where do women’s problems with money come from
  • How does money represent power
  • How to change your mindset around money
  • The importance of working through resistance
  • How to overcome fear
  • How does the brain work
  • Why rewiring thoughts is important
  • How to raise consciousness
  • Why does the financial industry use a male approach
  • What happens when you’re in debt
  • How money influences your emotions

“Money does not give us power. It is knowledge about money that gives us power.” – Barbara Stanny

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“It’s about partnership, where you don’t hand it over and say ‘here you take care of it’, but participate in financial decisions from a place of knowledge – not fear, ignorance or habit.” – Barbara Stanny

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