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Are we becoming androgynous?

Are we becoming androgynous? Anyone who has read my work knows of my fascination with Gen Y. Some people of certain belief systems call them the Indigos, which stands for a generation of strong and fierce men and women that have come here to change the world. Whatever you want to call them, or whether [...]

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Do you need a Money Diet?

Despite the current economic conditions and the credit card problem in our society, people continue to spend with wild abandonment of the reality of what they are doing to themselves. The October 15th deadline always brings out the worst of procrastinators, and the main reason is that they all owe huge amounts of taxes that [...]

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Things you need to know about Thanksgiving and your sanity!

Remember Thanksgiving is all about family, food and fun. Afterall, the original pilgrims, filled with gratitude, declared a three day feast that started on December 13, 1621. This intent was to be thankful and celebrate with friends (*chistiananswers.net). Unfortunately, over time, this has become yet another stressful holiday that ends with Black Friday, a day [...]

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