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Holly Signorelli is a CPA, Wealth Strategist, Business Consultant, and Author. She is also an investment adviser representative with Cabana, LLC.

Holly has worked with thousands of business owners and now has a boutique firm to work with high-end clients and handle their financial needs. She’s taken many clients through selling their business or real estate, and many times for multi-millions! She can help you keep more of what you make through her unique business strategies from her 26 years of working with business owners.

Holly also helps you take all of the tax deductions that you can and she can set up a financial plan for your personal goals. Through her connections with attorneys, you can get contracts, estate planning, wills and more. If you are a financial planning client you will have access to the money managers through Cabana, LLC.


  • Known as The Money Therapist (R) in the media from west coast to east coast on ABC, CBS, NBC, CW33 and Fox
  • Radio west coast to east coast on multiple nationally syndicated shows
  • Featured in Glamour Magazine on how to handle your finances with your spouse
  • Nationally syndicated television finance segments on The List, WFAA – Ch 8 for Financial Infidelity and Joint Accounts, as well as Ivanhoe Network for disabled trusts
  • Author of Do You Know Where Your Money Is® to expose emotions that caused a spending frenzy after 2008
  • Powerhouse speaker for being empowered with your finances, understanding tax and the new IRS, working smarter not harder, and getting a grip on your schedule so you can truly have it all.
  • New cohost on KLIF in Dallas on Best Damn Mortgage Show in the Country
  • Money with a Twist of Sublime podcast on both Itunes and Stitcher
  • CPA and Wealth Manager
  • Creator of the Wealth Fulfillment Strategy and Wealth Fulfillment Formula

Hey there,

Holly is a very personal CPA, Financial Advisor and Wealth Strategist.

She entrenches herself into her clients lives and goals, which is why she work with select clients. Are you ready to go to the next level? Are you in the continuous loop of saving taxes but also qualifying for your loan? Many great entrepreneurs have multiple entities, and real estate is almost always one of them. This is a particular expertise her practice, as well as working with Doctors, high end consultants, and the struggle of Inventory issues.

Thinking about buying a company and need someone else to look at it without any emotion attached to it?

Need a CFO? Many large clients need the services of a CFO, but they don’t need a full time employee. Holly frequently takes on the role of a CFO as part of her service, which allows you to the get advice you need, without another person on the payroll.

The subject of tax deductions in the new age of IRS computers taking over audits is a big one. Wouldn’t you rather take real tax deductions that save you money and allow you to keep it at the same time? IRS regulations have made it easier than ever to save for your future and enjoy massive tax deductions at the same time. This is a beautiful thing!

If you are looking for a cutting edge CPA, then look no further.

Fill in the contact form to get on a call with Holly so she can customize your services to meet your specific needs.”

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Clients Say

“Holly is the most personal CPA I’ve ever known. She is really in touch with her clients and very efficient with tax planning as well as helping me make important decision about my business. I’m so grateful to have her on my side.”

SUSAN TOLIVER, Owner of Positive Indulgence
“The course of a man’s professional life and secure future weighs on a mans thinking. Health and financial security is what we all stride toward. Without a pro handling your financial future and offering guidance, mistakes will be made. Avoid the missteps and and get connected with Holly.”
DR. FRANCIS XAVIER MURPHY, DCC, Global Speaker, Creator of the frozen shoulder adjustment

“My business was taking off and my books and taxes a disaster. I was referred to Holly and she immediately got working on straightening out the mess created by other accountants and got me back on track. Now we do our books monthly and my stress level has come down greatly.”

KIRA KEENAN, President/Managing Director

“I have been working with Holly Signorelli for two years now. When I started working with her, I left my other CPA of few years. The reason I needed a change was because of mismanagement at my previous CPA firm. Everything was always complicated and unclear. Things were getting forgotten and overlooked. Complete chaos. Once I switched and started working with Holly and my new bookkeeper Thanh, things got to be in order right away. I like everything organized and on time and that is what Holly will deliver. She answers all of my questions and makes complicated process flow smoothly. I will highly recommend Holly for her knowledge and professionalism!”


“Simply the best for over 10 years! I know she limits her clients, so get on board! 5 Stars!”

CLAY THOMPSON, Havana Boys Club